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How to disable QUIC protocol in Opera browser

QUIC is the name for a new experimental protocol, and it stands for Quick UDP Internet Connection. The protocol supports a set multiplexed connections over UDP and it was designed to provide security protection equivalent to TLS/SSL, along with reduced connection and transport latency.


The Content Control module from GravityZone may not work correctly with some websites that are using QUIC protocol. That happens because QUIC is not a standard SSL protocol and it is not filtered by MITM (the certificate is not signed by MITM). To check if a website is using the QUIC protocol in Opera, install the HTTP Headers extension.


To solve this issue, you need to disable QUIC protocol by one of the following procedures:

  • Disable QUIC protocol in Opera:
    1. In the URL field, type "opera://flags".
    2. Search for "Experimental QUIC protocol" and disable it.
  • Disable QUIC protocol by using a firewall rule for Opera.
    1. In the GravityZone console, open the policy currently running on the affected machines.
    2. Go to Firewall > Rules > Add and select Application.
    3. In the configuration window, enter the path for opera.exe.

      The path should be should be: C:\Program Files\Opera\XX.X.XXX.XXX\opera.exe, where the folder XX.X.XXX.XXX is the current installed version of Opera.

    4. Next to Local Address, select the Any check box.
    5. Next to Remote Address, check the Any box and add 443 for Port or port range.
    6. Save the changes and the policy.
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