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Identifying Linux endpoints joined in Active Directory

Bitdefender GravityZone integrates with multiple Microsoft Active Directory (AD) domains, provided you use this network management system in your network. Through AD integration, the existing AD inventory is imported into Control Center, thus simplifying security deployment, management, monitoring and reporting.

While GravityZone automatically recognizes Windows endpoints in AD, for Linux endpoints you must perform a couple of operations.


BEST, the Bitdefender security agent, must be installed on endpoints.

Identifying Linux endpoints in AD

To properly identify Linux endpoints that are part of an AD domain, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ldbsearch tool. This tool is used to retrieve accurate domain information.
  2. On each of your Linux endpoints in AD:
    1. Update the repositories.
    2. Install the ldbsearch tool.
    3. Restart BEST services and acquire domain information.

    For example, on Ubuntu run the following commands (via SSH TTY or in a BASH script):

    # sudo apt-get update

    # sudo apt-get install ldb-tools

    # sudo bd restart

    For other Linux distributions, please check the link exposed above.

As a result, BEST sends the information to Control Center and the endpoint will be dispatched as being part of an AD domain.

You can find the Linux endpoints detected in AD under the specific domain tree in the Network page of Control Center, using the Computers and Virtual Machines view.

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